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Industry initiatives

We are the second largest bank in Poland and, as such, we feel responsible not only for implementing responsible selling standards in our bank but for setting the standards, promoting responsible behaviours and integrating the whole industry around the subject of responsible selling. Therefore, we are a founder, co-founder or member of the following initiatives and organizations:

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Good Banking Practices – Code of Banking Ethics

The Code of Banking Ethics is a collection of principles governing banking operations which apply to banks, bank employees and other persons involved in the execution of banking operations. The Code consist of two sections: the Code of Good Banking Practices and the Code of Bank Employee Ethics.


Code of Financial Market Good Practice

The Code of Financial Market Good Practice is a collection of 16 ethical principles developed jointly by 30 organizations associating  companies and institutions offering financial products and services. The development of the Code of Good Practice was inspired by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). In addition to financial market operators, academic experts and organizations representing consumer interests were involved in the development of the Code.