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We have launched a number of innovative solutions to help our customers use our services easily and safely:

Video verification

Video verification is an innovative method of automatic customer identity authentication based on the picture on the ID card. The picture is showed  to the computer camera and compared with the customer’s face using the computer camera.

The verification process in the course of an interaction with the video advisor is simple and quick. Opening an account based on the facial biometrics takes 15 to 20 minutes and is 100% secure. The solution is simpler than you might think and – above all – accessible from any place in the world. So far, our customers opened more than 3,000 accounts using video verification.

Five types of mobile payments

Santander Bank Polska S.A. offers customers the widest range of mobile payment solutions and technologies. We were the first ones in the Polish banking system to make available all types of mobile payments, including contactless payments using mobile phones in Santander mobile: BLIK, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay. When shopping, our customers can pay using:

  • a mobile phone

  • a tablet

  • a watch

Customers can make transactions in:

  • POS

  • e-commerce

  • in-app payments

Mobile signature

In August 2018, our bank offered customers a possibility of mobile authorisation. The mobile signature is an alternative to single-use codes sent via text messages. The service allows for the authorisation of online banking transactions using an application. How does it work?

  1. Service activation
  2. Placement of a money transfer instruction in online banking
  3. A push message is displayed
  4. Opening the message with information about the ordered transaction
  5. Approval of the operation using the mobile signature PIN code.

Online credit decisions

In order to facilitate the execution of credit processes, a new functionality was launched in Santander Internet which enables co-browsing of a credit application with an online advisor so that the customer and the advisor can complete the application at the same time.

Interactive schedule of fees and charges

Our customers have been offered access to an interactive Schedule of Fees and Charges in which the most important changes are presented in a  transparent and easy to understand way and explained using practical examples.

Mobile motor insurance

In 2018, we were the second bank on the market to launch a proposal of mobile motor insurance. As a result, our customers can purchase third-party liability, all-risks, accident and assistance insurance in Santander mobile.  What needs to be done to receive the insurance premium quotation?

1. Scan the AZTEC code in your car registration document using the mbile phone camera to provide the most important vehicle details.
2. Buy the insurance in Santander mobile.
3. Pay the premium.
4. The policy is available for downloa-d in a PDF format at any time after scanning the code in the car registration document.
5. Receive an email form the bank with the documents attached.

Santander One Pay FX

Santander One Pay FX is an instant  international payment service for retail and business customers based on the blockchain technology. Customers ordering international money transfers can be certain that the money will appear on the beneficiary’s account on the same day or on the following day. Additionally, before the transfer is executed, customers are informed about the exact amount of money in the target currency which will be posted on the beneficiary’s account.

Santander Group is the first bank which has introduced blockchain payment services at the same time in many countries. The solution is available to retail customers in Spain, UK, Brazil and Poland.

Apple Pay and Fitbit Pay

One of the most important projects for retail customers in 2018 was the launch of Apple Pay and Fitbit Pay – innovative payment solutions expanding the range of digital payments available in Santander Bank Polska.

Apple Pay offers the possibility of paying with an iPhone or Apple Watch after adding a Visa or Mastercard car to them.

Fitbit Pay is a mobile wallet which can be used to pay for shopping by the Fitbit Versa or Fitbit Ionic smartwatch. To execute contactless Fitbit payments the customer needs a watch with the NFC technology and a mobile phone with the Fitbit application.

Garmin Pay

Garmin smartwatches

Since March 2018, our customers can make payments using smartwatches with the Garmin Pay functionality.

Garmin can also be used for contactless payments. The customer needs a Garmin watch with the Garmin Pay functionality, the Garmin Connect Mobile application and a Mastercard issued by Santander Bank Polska.

Our plans for 2019

  • Further development of the mobile application and migration of customers form the smsCode to the Mobile signature.

  • Launch of our own login to Santander online services and a single NIK (Customer Identification Number) for retail and business customers (all digital customers).

  • Driving up the performance efficiency of the Contact Centre by starting to use chatbots and voicebots.

Did you know…?
  • In 2018, our customers executed, on average, 632,000 transactions a day in remote channels.
  • Our oldest customer who decided to open an account using video verification was 78 years old.