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Operational efficiency

In our times, operational efficiency is of crucial importance for customers and institutions. We keep launching new solutions not only to respond to customer expectations but to surpass them.

Agile Transformation

Santander Bank Polska started the implementation of the Agile work model in 2017 and continued the process in 2018.

The Agile model is based on working in small, interdisciplinary teams which are close to the customer  and can implement new solutions quickly and effectively. As a result, the time-to-market is shorter, new innovative solutions are found and tested earlier and customers are more satisfied.

Key Principles of the Agile Methodology

  • People and interactions over processes and tools.

  • Working software over comprehensive documentation.

  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

  • Responding to change over following a plan.

How Agile Teams Work


  • Short distance over long distance. Work is usually performed in an incremental way. Instead of long-term cycles we work with short, easily modifiable modules.
  • List of priorities over a fixed plan. The work schedule is replaced by a list of essential things to do in order to complete the task within the assigned timeframe. The team prioritizes the activities and manages them flexibly  in order to adapt their actions to the current requirements of the process.
  • Regular presentation of results. When each module is completed, the outcomes of the team’s work is discussed with the business or with customers testing the solution. Lessons learned from the meetings are used to introduce corrections and improvements, plan actions for the following stages and coordinate the work of different teams.

The implementation of the Agile way of work will help us today to find the responses to the future needs of our customers, that is innovative financial products and services aligned with their requirements.

By making our organization Agile, we want to:

  • reduce the time needed to develop a new product and launch it on the market,

  • increase the satisfaction of our customers,

  • facilitate the cooperation between the business and IT,

  • create more opportunities for development for the employees,

  • expand the range of valuable financial tools,

  • drive up performance results.

In order to work together and transform our organization according to the Agile methodology, we have reorganized ourselves into new units:

bigger units made up of Chapters and Squads which are responsible for the achievement of the bank’s business objectives
interdisciplinary teams of a few members  completing specific tasks
units bringing together  experts with similar specialty from different Squads.

The outcomes of the Agile style of work include numerous innovative solutions, such as a mobile signature, an online credit decision, an interactive schedule of fees and charges, co-browsing of a credit application with an online advisor or revamping of the “Customer Service” section of Santander Internet.

Did you know…?

The Agile methodology was used by Google, Netflix and Spotify – the brands which developed breakthrough solutions for customers.

One of the key reasons for implementing the Agile methodology in Santander Bank Polska has been the Customer. Working according to Agile principles we listen more attentively to the voice of our customers and their needs and expectations set directions for our future actions. When we  work and act in an Agile way, we focus on delivering valuable solutions to customers as soon as possible. Agile also supports the development of employees and their individual entrepreneurship, collaboration, creative thinking and working together for a common goal.

Thanks to the implementation of the Agile methodology we can supply customers with new solutions aligned with their needs and expectations. For instance, we have launched new products and a new website and translated Santander mobile and online platforms into Ukrainian and Russian. In order to simplify processes, we have introduced a new cash loan sanctioning process for all bank customers, a new credit process for SME customers and a possibility of opening an account by non-residents without visiting a branch.

Arkadiusz Przybył, Vice-President in charge of the Retail Banking Division