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Our plans for 2019

Retail customers:

  • More self-reliant customers.
  • Top quality service standards
  • Offering excellent customer experience and making their life easier
  • Launching innovative technological solutions.
  • Further development of biometrics.
  • Process optimization and building competence centres in our Multichannel communication Centre.
  • A growing number of end-to-end (E2E) processes.
  • Offering after-sales service and improvement of sales processes.
  • Ongoing focus on security.
  • Continued development of mobile payment solutions.
  • Growing sales and ensuring consistency.
  • Introducing service enhancements expected by customers.
  • Efficient service of loans acquired from the former Deutsche Bank.
  • Covering the legacy loans with Santander’s monitoring and restructuring standards.
  • Continuing the strategy of an individual approach to each customer with difficulties in loan repayment through the assigned advisor who will propose flexible terms of loan restructuring suitable for the specific circumstances of the customer
  • Prompt implementation of the solutions provided for in the revised Act on the support to borrowers.

SME customers:

  • Launching an automated Smart Loans process for SME customers. The Smart Loans model will speed up the credit process, improve the ergonomics and flexibility. Credit products will be even more attractive and simple and applying for a loan will be simpler and more pleasant for customers.
  • Implementation of AIS and PIS services. In Q3 2019, we are planning to offer our customers Account Information Service (AIS) pertaining to accounts maintained by other banks and the Payment Initiation Service (PIS). Using the services will be possible only for accounts accessible via online and mobile banking systems. This means that customers will be able to view their payment accounts (PLN and FX), savings accounts and credit card accounts from other banks on the online and mobile banking platform of Santander Bank Polska and execute money transfer from accounts in other banks.
  • Introduction of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Asba result of changes brought about by PSD2, the SCA obligation has been imposed on the bank. This means that upon login to the system, the customer will be requested for additional identity authentication  e.g. with an SMSCode, token, a mobile signature or a trusted device.

Business and Corporate Banking customers:

The bank will continue to implement the Export Development Program, including  sectors of key importance for the bank and intensify its activity in the German, Spanish, UK and Chinese corridors. Additionally, the bank wants to modify the formula of the events to make the EDP events attractive not only to Polish exporters but also to potential foreign investors planning to start business activity in Poland. According to the acquired information, the following activities and subjects might be of interest to the target audience:

  • Practical assistance in finding business partners/ counterparties;
  • Transaction protection and insurance;
  • Workshops dedicated to selected sectors;
  • Institutional support from the Government;
  • Sharing business experience of other companies;
  • Information about foreign markets, assistance in gaining an insight and local support;
  • Export of services;
  • Support in obtaining the required certificates and patents.

Corporate and Investment Banking customers:

  • Improvement of the customer experience through the development of digital solutions, including the Santander Kantor (Foreign Exchange) service and cash flow management.
  • Development of activities in the area of syndicated loans, non-interest business and asset distribution.
  • Development and implementation of strategic initiatives.
Did you know…?
  • In 2018, our NPS indicator was 3 p.p. higher than in 2017.
  • We collect feedback on an ongoing basis from more than 10,000 customers monthly under 20 research modules.
  • Already 1.5 million customers hold the Account As I Want It.