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General Code of Conduct

Ethics and Anti-Corruption

  • [103-1, 103-2, 103-3] for the reporting Aspect: Ethics and anti-corruption for the reporting Aspect: Ethics and anti-corruption

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We are guided in all our activities by our values and the General Code of Conduct. We believe, however, that ideas are not enough to build an ethical culture. Therefore, we promote education and undertake a range of initiatives aimed at upgrading our employees’ ethical knowledge. We also provide whistleblowing channels to report all breaches of our of rules of conduct and we impose disciplinary sanctions on persons found guilty of such breaches.

  • [102-16] Values, code of conduct, principles, standards, and norms of behaviour Values, code of conduct, principles, standards, and norms of behaviour

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The main standards of conduct pursued by our organization in its daily operations are driven by such values as integrity, reliability and honesty.

General Code of Conduct

The bank is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in its relationships with the shareholders, customers and employees. The high-level document which establishes the basic ethical standards and promotes attitudes and behaviours of Santander Group’s employees is the General Code of Conduct (hereinafter, the Code). The Code is founded on the Simple, Personal, Fair values and contains a set of guidelines for all employees, irrespective of their role in the organisation.

Ethical foundations of the Group’s Code of Conduct
Equal opportunities for all
Respect for others
Work-life balance
Health and safety at work
Protection of the environment and social responsibility
Collective employee  rights
Attitudes promoted among employees
Compliance with law, external and internal regulations, ethics and social responsibility principles
No competition
Accountability (professionalism)
Engagement (acting in the bank’s best interest)

The Code was updated at the end of 2018. Some of the provisions which were revised include:

  • the rules of employing politically exposed persons,
  • principles of environmental protection and conformance with the corporate social responsibility and sustainability policies,
  • transformation of the Business Ethics Committee into the Business Ethics Council.


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