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The Santander Bank Polska Foundation supports and this year’s high school graduates

W 2019 r. do matury przystąpiło ponad 247 tys. uczniów. Tegoroczni maturzyści swój egzamin dojrzałości będą zdawać w wyjątkowych okolicznościach związanych z trwającą pandemią COVID-19, dlatego, by ułatwić im przygotowanie się do tego kluczowego sprawdzianu wiedzy, Fundacja Santander Bank Polska postanowiła dołączyć do partnerów przygotowanego przez telewizję Metro projektu edukacyjnego „”. Dzięki wsparciu Fundacji zrealizowane zostaną kolejne odcinki lekcji online.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions imposed nationwide, the students who are about to take their Matura exam and their schools have found themselves in an entirely new situation almost overnight.

Although the majority of classes have been transferred online, the experts estimate that ca. 50k-70k of students in Poland still do not have access to a computer and 10% of families with children (one or more) have only one computer to share among all the family members[1]. This poses a real risk of excluding some of the students from the education process. Therefore, the Santander Foundation has decided to engage in the project counteracting that unfavourable situation. „” is a series of television tutoring sessions, revising the material from the obligatory Matura subjects and complementary subjects most often chosen by students. The nationwide Metro television, which broadcasts „”, is available on digital terrestrial television MUX 8. The channel is also available on cable and satellite platforms. All the episodes of „” can also be viewed free-of-charge on

The students of the high school final year must face this year a double maturity exam. The first one is, obviously, the Matura exam, and the other – how they will cope with the difficulties related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that this is a big challenge and we want to engage in the initiatives that will support the students in these difficult times. We want the students to get a reliable, easily accessible and attractive learning material, therefore we have become a partner of the project.

Marzena Atkielska, the president of Santander Bank Polska Foundation, says

„” is broadcast Monday to Friday on Metro channel, from 11.30 a.m tp 1.00 p.m. – the hours do not overlap with the remote classes broadcast by the schools. Every episode consists of three subject blocks and each lesson takes ca. 25 minutes. The first lesson revises and consolidates the maths, the second Polish, and the last one, from 12.30 to 1.00 p.m., biology, chemistry, history or English.

The authors of the programme made sure that the formula was attractive and easily accessible for the students. They hired a team of teachers with e-learning experience and a good grasp of the specific nature of that form of education. The revised material is consistent with the basic curriculum and guidelines of the Ministry of National Education.

We are happy to be a partner of „” and believe that it will contribute to good Matura results this year. To the students we say: Break a leg in June!”

adds Marzena Atkielska