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  • Processes to remediate negative impacts2-25
    Processes to remediate negative impacts
  • The complaints process is an integral part of serving our customers. Customers can file complaints:

  • in branches,

  • on the infoline,

  • via online and mobile banking, and

  • by regular mail.

  • We respond to complaints in a manner chosen by the customer, including:

  • regular mail,

  • text message or

  • message in online or mobile banking.

If we cannot accept the complaint, we inform the customer in our response how they can appeal our decision if they disagree with it. We suggest appealing internally to the Customer Care Officer or to external institutions.

Complaints in 2022:

  • 67%
    of the complaints were submitted remotely by customers (by phone or online and mobile banking, including video call and chat)
  • 81%
    of our responses were submitted electronically
  • 61%
    of complaints were handled within three business days
  • 27%
    of cases were handled on the spot. This means that the customer received a decision as soon as they made a complaint. The decision, based on the relevant authority, was made by the employee who received the application
  • 98%
    of the cases handled through the simplified process were resolved within one business day

We record all complaints in a central system for complaint tracking and handling . The system assigns them to appropriate teams which deal with them according to their competencies. The system also allows for ongoing monitoring of complaints (e.g., quality of service, compliance with regulatory timeframes). We also periodically analyse the numbers and topics of complaints and, based on the findings, identify their causes and recommend corrective actions. We do this to reduce the number of complaints.

We have identified the types of cases that can be resolved instantly by the employees who receive complaints. This means that the customer gets a decision right away.

In 2022, we continuously improved the quality of our responses and we are constantly working to prepare responses that are empathetic and follow the principles of plain language. We try to write simply and provide comprehensive information, while avoiding banking jargon and complicated language. We have also worked to reduce response times. In our complaint processes, we use robots that help us considerably.

We regularly check the level of customer satisfaction with the quality and speed of our work. We use the findings and results to improve the process of complaint filing and processing.

The rules according to which we accept and evaluate complaints are set out in the terms and conditions for each product (and in the case of loans in loan agreements). Customers will also find these rules on our website.

In order to report serious concerns to the Management Board, a special unit (in the Compliance Area) analyses and reports on complaint trends and incidents that contribute to a significant increase in the number of complaints. The complaints report is part of the quarterly report submitted to the Management Board and Supervisory Board. In addition, once a year, we present the topic of complaints at a meeting of the Management Board and at a meeting of the Audit and Compliance Committee.

Complaints addressed directly to the Bank’s Management Board, our CEO or individual Board Members are managed by the Customer Care Officer. We also include information about these complaints in quarterly and annual reports.