Education is the cornerstone of our social commitment, and the most important program in this area is Santander Universidades globally implemented by the entire Santander Group.

Its goal is to:

  • support the education process – we want to level the playing field for young people to access quality education;

  • support entrepreneurship – we want to help implement good ideas in business;

  • support young people entering the labour market – we want to help them acquire competencies sought by employers.

The backbone of the Santander Universidades program is a scholarship platform providing access to educational projects financed by the Santander Group to people over the age of 18. Those interested in gaining new competencies can take advantage of programs offered by various organizations – not only Polish, but also Spanish, German or English.

In Poland, Santander Universidades cooperates with a number of universities in different cities, where it has its contact points. We enable cooperation between business and academia, contribute to improving the quality of the education process and help young people adapt to the needs of the labour market.

Santander Universidades in Poland in 2022

  • Number of universities: 61

  • Budget allocated to Santander Universidades:
    PLN 1.9m

  • Number of scholarships: 5 915

  • Number of users of the Santander Scholarship platform: 96 551

Santander Universidades worldwide in 2022

  • Number of universities and countries where Santander Universidades operates: more than 1,000 partner institutions in 15 countries

  • Number of scholarships since the beginning of the program: more than 790,000

  • Budget allocated to activities since the beginning of the program (in EUR): EUR 2.1 bn


Since 2017, our bank has been a partner in the educational project „Security in Cyberspace” coordinated by the Warsaw Banking Institute. The aim of this project is to improve awareness of online safety and develop practical skills related to the use of new technologies.

Detailed information on the „Security in Cyberspace” project is presented at