Major grant projects of the Foundation

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    Total amount allocated to community engagement activities

Foundation's grant programs in numbers in 2022:

  • 73 organizations received support under grant programs,

  • 49,753 beneficiaries of grant programs,

  • PLN 1,450,000.00 allocated for all grant programs.

Hacks for Cyberattacks

The first edition of the Hacks for Cyberattacks grant competition was completed at the end of February 2022. Forty submissions were filed out of which 15 projects were awarded. Organizations received six grants of PLN 100,000 each and nine organizations received PLN 50,000 each.

In this year’s edition of the program, the grants were intended to subsidize projects aimed at increasing knowledge of the security of personal finances, including safe banking, as well as awareness of possible threats and knowledge of the rules to protect against them.

Here I Live, Here I Make ECO Changes

The goal of the program is to make a difference in local communities, offer environmental education and integrate residents. We appreciate original environmental initiatives resulting from social needs. This year we awarded 20 organizations with grants of PLN 10,000 each. The project included vertical gardens, pocket parks, rain gardens, plant murals, green libraries and public transportation stops.