New technologies and innovation

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  • Information on key products, including new products launched during the reported periodCustom indicator
    Information on key products, including new products launched during the reported period
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    Products and initiatives for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

We digitize our processes to provide even higher quality services and products. In 2022, we continued to increase self-service and digital sales.

Innovations and initiatives for customers of the Retail Banking Division launched in 2022:

Daily banking (accounts, cards, savings, investments)

  • we simplified the process of opening accounts for minor customers in online banking,
  • we expanded services with new methods of regular savings in mobile banking
  • we launched a structured deposit subscription,
  • we improved the functionality of the online platform for investment funds.

Cash loans

  • we made ECO cash loans available in more sales channels (in the network of agents and brokers),
  • we launched a cash loan for consolidation with a fixed interest rate for up to 120 months.


  • we simplified the process of requesting for the conversion of loan interest rates from variable to fixed and signing an annex with one visit to the branch,
  • we launched a new Guaranteed Housing Loan product
  • we offered further simplifications for customers in handling their mortgage loans
  • we changed the method of delivering repayment schedules from paper to electronic (for customers using the Electronic Contact Channel).


  • we provided a motor insurance comparison engine.

Electronic banking

  • we made available a new version of the website,
  • we made it possible to apply for financing under the Good Start government program
  • we expanded the services of Santander Open – the bank’s customers can now integrate accounts online and initiate transfers against accounts held with 8 banks.

Innovations and initiatives for SME segment customers launched in 2022:

  • we conducted the first edition of the EmPOWERed in Business program – a series of development workshops for women and competitions for the best business plans,
  • we made the softPOS application available to our customers, allowing them to turn their phone or tablet into a payment terminal,
  • we made online loans available to customers who had not previously used the credit offer,
  • we introduced improvements: in remote channels for overdrafts covered by the de minimis guarantee; in the process of submitting customer statements; and in the process of extending the term of overdrafts.

Innovations and initiatives for customers of the Business and Corporate Banking Division launched in 2022:

  • launch of a new version of the iBiznes24 platform focused on fast and secure management of customers’ funds – the updated version includes a new Trade Finance module, an e-FX currency platform and a knowledge base for customers;
  • introduction of a modification increasing the automation of the credit process on the CLP credit platform;
  • simplification of credit clauses – we have reduced the number of versions, simplified their content, and automated the process of verifying clauses.

Innovations and initiatives for clients of the Corporate and Investment Banking Division launched in 2022:

  • more automated handling of investment line products,
  • implementation of modern tools that support optimization of sales processes for foreign exchange transactions in electronic channels (Google Analytics),
  • implementation of the process and tools for individual markup of foreign exchange transactions for SME customers in electronic channels,
  • preparation of currency exchange tool solutions for the new mobile application,
  • completion of the process of automating the calculation and distribution of interest rates by launching the Autorates module on the Financial Markets Platform,
  • implementation of the first phase and start of the second phase of global management of foreign exchange positions that originate from electronic channels,
  • preparing a global solution for automating the PagoNxt process of foreign exchange transactions,
  • launch of the new Global Connect product.

At Santander Leasing, we launched:

  • first biometric signing process in the sector; customers can now sign a lease agreement on the leasing consultant’s screen, and receive documents electronically,
  • leasing of cars and vans up to 3.5 tons with maintenance service and mobility guarantee,
  • subsidised leases under the „My Electric Vehicle” program operated by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management
  • eco-loans for the financing of solutions that reduce CO2 emissions (including zero-emission heat sources, energy storage, electric vehicle charging stations, renewable energy sources).