Supporting entrepreneurship

„Finansiaki” – is Santander Bank Polska’s proprietary project on financial education̨ aimed at parents, teachers, children and young people. We convey to parents and teachers how the basics of entrepreneurship can be taught to children.

Training materials are published on the project’s website There you can find, among other things, a free guide for parents „Finansiaki. To My!” We post current information that makes learning more attractive on the project’s Facebook page.

  • 12,625
    Number of downloads of lesson scripts for teachers, a guide for parents and "Finansiaki. To My!" ebook from the website,
  • 396
    Number of children who took part in classes run by Santander employees,
  • 3,926
    Number of "Finansiaki. To My!" books in PDF format sent to Santander Bank Polska customers, along with regulations for opening an account for children under 12 years old,
  • 273
    Number of students participating in lessons run by teachers in primary schools and kindergartens (based on lesson scripts downloaded from the website).