Training and development

  • GRI:
  • Number of training days per year per employee by employment structure404-1
    Number of training days per year per employee by employment structure
  • Management skills development and lifelong learning programmes404-2
    Management skills development and lifelong learning programmes
  • Percentage of employees subject to regular performance evaluation and career development reviews, by gender and employment category404-3
    Percentage of employees subject to regular performance evaluation and career development reviews, by gender and employment category

Training of Santander Bank Polska S.A. employees:

  • training hours

  • accounts for the training of women

  • accounts for the training of men


We implement and develop solutions to make the bank an attractive place to work and an integrated talent management strategy provides employees with development opportunities at every stage of their careers. This approach follows a development methodology referred to as the 70-20-10 model, which involves practical on-the-job training (70%), knowledge acquisition with the help of other employees (20%) and training (10%). Our training and development activities are part of activities carried out throughout the Santander Group, including, for example, encouraging international mobility of employees.

Employee development programs at Santander Bank Polska S.A. in 2022:

  • implementation of DOJO system – a global website supporting employee development which provides access to both proprietary materials and popular commercial tools (LinkedLearning, O’Reily, etc.).
  • access to external training platforms (Udemy, EduWeb, eTutor, Inspiro and more);
  • use of development surveys, primarily DISC, Gallup, Harrison;
  • Elixir of Development: a collection of useful materials in the form of webinars, lectures by external and internal experts, discussion panels, mailings;
  • Development Planet: an internal website dedicated to development initiatives.
  • Be Tech&Business – a global development talent program for STEM (Science, Technology, Economics, Mathematics) professionals;

  • YOUniversity: an in-house tutoring program with about 150 tutors;
  • mentoring;
  • MOST program: in-house internships, where employees can participate in projects in other organizational units of the bank;

  • Advisor of the Future: training to develop competencies related to digital customer service;
  • Service Design Academy;
  • Keep Growing: a program for individuals who received the highest grades for their work in the previous year;
  • Young Leaders: a program launched by the Santander Group that addresses the development of leadership competencies for a selected group of talents;
  • Futuro: a program for all managers aimed at developing leadership competencies;
  • training related to the development of social competencies of the future;
  • Training to develop the skills needed to implement the bank’s strategy.

At least once a year, the performance of the vast majority of Santander Bank Polska employees is evaluated (81% of women and 86% of men). The assessment is carried out based on criteria known to employees and their managers. The Human Resources department may also be involved in the evaluation.

  • Leasing inFLuencers: a program that develops the key competences of the future, including innovation and creativity in business, system thinking, managing diversity (of one’s own and team potential) mental resilience and awareness of corporate social responsibility.
  • Go! Guide Pro brings together a team of people committed to improving work with the tools offered by Google in teams and at the Company level. GO! Guide, in addition to technical knowledge provides extensive information on agile project management methodology or the theory of constraints. The program includes a package of selected training courses that will enrich participants with knowledge useful during the implementation of small and large IT projects at Santander Leasing.
  • KOMPAS Service Design: a series of trainings developing the competences necessary for project implementation. Training focused on conducting workshops, managing a team and designing solutions from the perspective of the user experience and the bank (Service Blueprint).

  • Elevate for employees, 4Us and 4Leaders
  • in addition, individual programs for managers developing team management skills and workshops for top managers were implemented

  • access to LinkedIn Learning platform,
  • LEGIMI 3 e-library,
  • e-tutor platform for English and Spanish language learning,
  • subsidised external courses and training – at the request of the employee/supervisor