• GRI:
  • Management of material topics (identified as material in the materiality matrix)3-3
    Management of material topics (identified as material in the materiality matrix)
  • Main activities to increase customer satisfactionCustom indicator
    Main activities to increase customer satisfaction

We provide services to nearly 5.6 million customers. Among them are individuals, small and medium-sized companies, large enterprises, corporations, and public sector institutions. We care about a positive banking experience for all customers, which is why we:

  • follow service standards that respond to current market trends,
  • adapt our solutions to customer expectations,
  • apply responsible sales practices and counteract the sale of financial products inconsistent with customer needs (misselling),
  • build greater customer awareness of cyber security,
  • adhere to ethical principles in our marketing communications,
  • provide information about products and services in a reliable and understandable manner.

We define the quality of customer relations at the strategic level. Customer Obsession is one of our strategic directions for 2021-2023.

2022 was a landmark year for us in terms of customer experience management. We closed the transformation carried out between 2019 and 2022 with the adoption of the Customer Experience Management Policy (CX Policy). It will allow us to increase customer satisfaction and their propensity to recommend our bank.

Principles of good customer service at Santander Bank Polska:

After the COVID pandemic, we noticed that customer expectations had changed significantly. That’s why we updated our customer service standards by putting more emphasis on empathy in face-to-face interactions and digital solutions. We also changed the work environment (eNPS) for employees who have direct contact with customers.

We have prepared for customers a modern, comprehensive and customized offering of bank accounts, loans, savings and investments, as well as settlement, insurance and card products. Using our services is simple and easy. We are also constantly increasing the number of functionalities and operations that customers can quickly execute through remote channels. When it comes to business clients, our aspiration is to have a good cooperation and relationship between the advisor and the client.

Since 2021, we have been following „Compass” – a customer-oriented, standardized product and service design process. It is based on an Agile work organization and involves customers in the design process. Through testing and experimentation, it helps implement solutions that are relevant to customer needs.

We are taking a comprehensive approach to improving customer satisfaction in each segment.

  • In the retail customer segment, we:

    • develop customer-focused solutions,
    • measure performance using NPS tools,
    • simplify products and automate processes,
    • develop digital channels,
    • collaborate within One Europe on Santander Group projects.
  • In the SME segment, we:

    • develop remote and electronic banking processes,
    • simplify the credit process.
  • In the Private Banking segment, we:

    • strengthen the position of this segment in the Polish market as the bank of first choice,
    • make available a reliable and diversified investment offer.
  • In the corporate customer segment, we:

    • digitize and automate operations to focus on work that brings the highest value to customers,
    • provide customers with products that meet their individual needs,
    • maintain the highest quality of service for all customers and the highest standards of compliance with regulations and market standards,
    • build value based on the talents and experience of employees.