Corporate culture

We operate according to the idea of the „Santander Way” which defines our purpose and operating principles. Our Bank is to be Simple, Personal and Fair.

Based on the results of a survey of employees and customers in every geographic and business area of the global Santander Group, the 2022 set of desired corporate behaviours has been modified to accelerate the organization’s transformation and increase its appeal to customers. The new behaviours form the acronym „T.E.A.M.S” which indicates that we care most about people, our teams and customers.

Our values, mission, vision and ethical standards form a coherent corporate culture of Santander Bank Polska.

We value stability and predictability, which is why our values, mission and vision have not changed for years.

  • Our corporate culture is defined by:

  • „General Code of Conduct” – a document describing standards of conduct and desirable attitudes,

  • „Sustainability Policy” – emphasizing the importance of good relations with employees,

  • three corporate values – Simple, Personal, Fair

  • behaviours in line with T.E.A.M.S.

We realize the importance of responsible leaders in building a corporate culture. That’s why we have developed a catalogue of leadership commitments that we expect all those in leadership positions to follow. The members of our management team are committed to:

  • promoting diversity with openness and attention to employee engagement,
  • inspiring and driving change based on a clear strategic vision focused on sustainable profit,
  • giving example – acting always in accordance with our system of values,
  • contributing to the success of the teams they manage by supporting development and enabling.

As a financial institution, we attach great importance to developing a risk management culture – Risk pro. We want each of our employees, regardless of their position, to be aware of their responsibility for risk management.

Risk pro in our bank  – means:

  • education of employees and activities to raise awareness of the risks incurred in daily work
  • possibility to report situations of concern
  • incentive system
  • Heroes of Risk competition and awards for the best employees

Santander Week, an annual celebration of our corporate culture, was held in October 2022. Employees had the opportunity to learn more about our refreshed T.E.A.M.S. behaviours by participating in interesting workshops and webinars.